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Yoshi’s Unlicensed Adventure available on Android, at least until Nintendo figures out how to remove it

posted 3 Mar 2013, 05:00 by Subik Khawaja   [ updated 8 Mar 2014, 10:33 ]

If you're a Hungarian Android developer looking to cut game design corners by co-opting an existing character, you might want to go a little more obscure than one of Nintendo's most beloved characters.

Spotted by the keen eyes over at NeoGAF, Era's Adventures is a real game you can purchase on Google Play for $1.99. It's the story of a young female fire-breathing dragon that finds herself trapped in a strange place, forced to hunt for the keys to her freedom as an arbitrary timer counts down to... doom, I guess? It's not all that clear.

Andev doesn't seem to be going out of its way to hide the co-opting of Mario's ride. The game's website proudly features the Yoshi look-alike. The Facebook page nonchalantly announces new language options for the game—now you can play as not-Yoshi in Spanish, German and Hungarian.

Source: Kotaku

Edit: the Yoshi lookalike has since been changed into a more unique character, following complaints.