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We'll no longer cover Yoshi news on the Yoshi's Moon website

posted 14 Feb 2015, 15:12 by Subik Khawaja   [ updated 29 Mar 2015, 15:41 ]

You might have noticed that all traces of our News section have been hidden from Yoshi's Moon. You probably didn't, but we'll no longer be reporting on Yoshi news here on the site.

Writing even a single news article takes a huge deal of work, and it's something I've mostly been doing on my own. The articles are read by very few people and frankly, I don't think the effort is worth it.

In addition, our news articles aren't very appealing when sites like Nintendo Life will always do a better job, covering announcements at a faster pace and reporting on more topics than just Yoshi.

For you Yoshi fans in search of Yoshi news, our social media pages are the place to be for quick-fire Yoshi news updates and awesome stuff. Be sure to give them a like/follow:


Also, happy Valentine's day!

Yoshi fan art by cinnamel on DeviantArt