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Nintendo Direct Mini shows new StreetPass system and more, and Miiverse coming to 3DS this Autumn (rumour)

posted 19 Jul 2013, 02:44 by Subik Khawaja   [ updated 19 Jul 2013, 02:45 ]

A Nintendo Direct Mini was uploaded to Nintendo's YouTube channel yesterday and revealed some info about the new StreetPass framework which will use the many Nintendo Zone hotspots, and new footage of Pikmin 3 and more. Watch below:

In other news, recent rumours suggest that a 3DS system update will bring Miiverse and Nintendo Network ID's to the console this Autumn. Apparently Friend Codes will be ditched in favour of the ID's used in the Wii U version of Miiverse. Nintendo Force writer Emily Rogers has also heard these rumours, and we should wait for official confirmation from Nintendo if this is indeed true.