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Miiverse for 3DS is arriving today after scheduled maintenance [Update: it's out]

posted 9 Dec 2013, 06:55 by Subik Khawaja   [ updated 10 Dec 2013, 08:32 ]

Update: 3DS System Update Version 7.0.0 is out, and it adds a software update notification and removes the system transfer limit. It also changes the HOME Menu Camera startup buttons to L+R, and brings further improvements to system stability.

Nintendo Force writer Emily Rogers has confirmed that Miiverse and shared eShop balances will be available on the Nintendo 3DS today, after the scheduled maintenance is finished. Miiverse on Nintendo 3DS will be similar to the Wii U version, allowing users to post in communities for various games and take gameplay screenshots. Players will be able to access Miiverse without quitting their game, as it can be used when gameplay is suspended by pressing the HOME button. Users without a Wii U will have the option to create a new Nintendo Network ID using their 3DS system.