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Getting hyped for E3

posted 11 Jun 2013, 05:46 by 8BitPoipole   [ updated 8 Mar 2014, 12:56 by Subik Khawaja ]

E3 is a special time of year. It's where wars and truces happen left right and centre, it's where Reggie's genius quotes are remembered (my personal favourite being "I like French food").

Alas, the self-aware meme machine won't be boarding the hype train to do a conference proper, but there's something better; Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo Direct feels more personal, Nintendo are talking straight to the fans, and that's much better than journalists clapping every time Reggie says the word "innovate", "Mario" or "in the future".

I'm more hyped than ever for this, because a big fancy conference with graphs and translators isn't as great as a personal way of getting the information straight to you.

So, with the changed format, and the promised list of heavy hitters, what are you excited about?

I'm mainly excited for Super Smash Bros 4 and Mario U. I've never been excited about Mario Kart, and I already know details about the two new Zeldas (one of them being a HD remake of a game I own). So Smash 4 and Mario U is what I'm most excited about. I'm also looking forward to the Pokémon event tonight (well, tomorrow morning), because Pokémon is fantastic.

So, ready your bodies and speculate!

Nintendo Direct - Yoshi's Moon