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Everything from the 17/4 Nintendo Direct

posted 20 Apr 2013, 07:05 by Subik Khawaja   [ updated 8 Mar 2014, 11:46 ]
The two big Mario-related stories from today's Nintendo Direct were definitely the announcements of a new Yoshi's Island and a new Mario Party for the 3DS, as well as a new 2D/3D hybrid Zelda game set in the same world as A Link to the Past. Here's everything that happened all in one place - complete with all the new footage. You can watch the Nintendo Direct presentation here.

The broadcast kicked off with some new details on Mario Golf: World Tour's online features - which sound very much like Mario Kart 7's, right down the to community integration.

We also got a new trailer and a release date for Mario and Luigi: Dream Team - it's coming to Europe on July 12th and North America on August 11th. The new footage showed off some of the game's new features, including controlling a Luigi katamari in the game's dream world.

A new Mario Party game is coming to 3DS in winter, this time with 7 different game boards, all of which have different rules and features. Some are designed for quick play, other for epic contests. It's got 81 new minigames, including ones that make use of the 3DS AR cards.

The main Yoshi highlight of the broadcast was a new Yoshi's Island announcement - the first game in the series since 2006. It looked gorgeous - more like the SNES Yoshi's Island than later spin-offs such at the N64's Yoshi's Story. No release window was given, but just look at it: 

Lastly, the next Wii U system update is coming next week, and it will let you keep downloading games when the system is in standby, and disables that ridiculous auto-shutdown feature whilst the console is actively downloading. If you've ever been the victim of that particular Wii U foible, this will make you very happy. Loading times are also being improved (hurrah!), and you will be able to copy data between two USB devices too.

Source: IGN