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3 new Miiverse communities celebrate Year of Luigi

posted 20 Mar 2013, 10:33 by Subik Khawaja   [ updated 8 Mar 2014, 11:40 ]
There is over a week to go until Luigi's Mansion 2 is released but Nintendo have kicked off the Year Of Luigi on Wii U by creating a special Miiverse community. Yes, after creating a special Zelda community, Nintendo is celebrating another of its famous characters in this board.

Special messages from Shigeru Miyamoto, Luigi's Mansion 2 supervisor Yoshihito Ikebata and Mario producer Takashi Tezuka introduced the new community.

Following this, Wii U owners and fans of Luigi starting posting. As you'd expect, there are some amazing pictures on the community and some hilariously bad ones. There's also plenty of Waluigi crying over the fact that Luigi has his own year. Oh well, no doubt Waluigi will get his moment in the spotlight when Mario Golf: World Tour is released later this year.
We also spotted someone randomly suggesting that Spyro should be in Smash Bros Wii U. That's not getting a Yeah from us!

Anyway, here is the best of the Year Of Luigi Community.

Credit: ONM