Yoshi & Nintendo mouse cursors

Did you know that you can change what your mouse pointer (or cursor) looks like?

Customise it with these Yoshi cursor sets we've found online! …Alright, only one of them features Yoshi, but the others are sure to please any Nintendo gamer too.

How to install on Windows:

  1. Download and extract the zip file.
  2. Open the Control Panel. (If you can't find it, open the Start menu and search for it.)
  3. Choose Mouse. (If you can't find it, select the View by: large icons option.)
  4. In the new window that opens, switch to the Pointers tab.
  5. Under Customize, double-click on each pointer and choose the matching custom pointer to replace it. (If you can't find it, it might be in Desktop → [your name] → Downloads.)

Sadly, macOS doesn't support custom cursors. :(