Mario & Zelda Big Band Live CD cover

Mario & Zelda Big Band Live

By Benimaru "Ashura" Itoh, The Big Band of Rogues, Yoshihiro Arita, and others · 2003 · 18 tracks, 1 hr 14 min

An album of Mario and Zelda music arrangements, recorded live in Tokyo in 2003!

It was originally released on CD. Along with Big Band, several remixes from other genres are included as well.

I've faded-out the applause at the end of each song to make them more appropriate for listening individually. The track names are also localised to English. Songs are in high-quality mp3 format. Enjoy!

Link opens on MediaFire, which contains ads. Use the green download button and beware of spam ads that ask for your personal details!

How to open files after downloading

Windows instructions:
Finding zip file
1. Find zip file
Head to your Downloads folder and look for the zip file.
Extracting zip file
2. Extract zip file
Right-click the file and choose 'Extract All', then 'Extract'.
Viewing mp3 files
3. Listen!
The song files will appear in a folder. You can delete the original zip file now.
Android instructions:
WinZip icon
You'll need an app like this one to extract files on Android.
WinZip menu
2. Find zip file
Open WinZip, then look for the zip file in a folder called 'Downloads'.
Extracting in WinZip
3. Extract zip file
Tap the empty circle next to the file, then choose 'Unzip'.
Choosing save location in WinZip
4. Choose save location
Go back to 'Downloads', then tap 'Unzip Here' to save the song files.
Viewing album in music player
5. Listen!
The album should appear in your music app. If not, see if the app has an option to add files. You can delete the original zip now.