Yoshi's Story Original Soundtrack cover

Yoshi's Story Original Soundtrack

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76 MB · MP3 (zipped), some songs 160 kbps (CBR), some songs ~120 kbps (VBR), 44.1 kHz

This is the Japanese version of the OST with track names translated to English.

Composer: Kazumi Totaka

Release date:
21 Dec 1997 (game)
4 Feb 1998 (OST, JP ver.)

Length: 1h 9m

Source: CD release

© Nintendo


  1. We Love...
  2. Yoshi's Story
  3. Yoshi's Song
  4. On the Beach
  5. Curry in a Hurry
  6. Yo-Yo-Yoshi!
  7. Love is in the Air
  8. Tall Tower
  9. Alpina Blue
  10. Come Back to Me
  11. Jungle Fever
  12. Yoshis in the Wind
  13. Games of Happiness
  14. Tough Guys Don't Cry
  15. Spider Swing
  16. Yoshi's Story Interlude
  17. The Story Begins (Page 1)
  18. Heartbeat Caverns (Page 2)
  19. The Summit (Page 3)
  20. Alone in the Jungle (Page 4)
  21. Mermaid's Tears (Page 5)
  22. Grande Finale (Page 6)
  23. You Ate 30 Fruits!
  24. Yoshi's Happy Results
  25. Cheering Up
  1. Entering the Boss Room
  2. The Boss Appears
  3. Duel with the Boss
  4. Yoshi Wins!
  5. Yoshi's Disco
  6. Baby Bowser's Lullaby
  7. The Riddle
  8. Baby Koopa Enters!
  9. Baby Bowser Battle
  10. Baby Bowser Strikes Back
  11. Yoshi's Wins! (Baby Bowser)
  12. Baby Bowser Escapes
  13. Yoshi's Happiness
  14. Let's Try It
  15. Hard Times
  16. Goal!
  17. Goal! (Seven Melons)
  18. Going Down
  19. Everyone's Gone
  20. Thanks, White Shy Guy!
  21. Happy Together
  22. Options of Love
  23. Ending
  24. Staff Credits
  25. Yoshi's Story (Staff Voice Mix)

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