Super Mario World soundtrack cover

Super Mario World

Here's what's included in this album:

  • 11 live arrangements of Mario themes
  • Super Mario Bros. OST
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 OST
  • Super Mario World OST
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    153 MB · MP3 (zipped), ~190 kbps (VBR), 44.1 kHz

    Composer: Koji Kondo

    Release date:
    13 Sep 1985 (SMB game)
    23 Oct 1988 (SMB3 game)
    21 Nov 1990 (SMW game)
    25 Feb 1991 (OST)

    Length: 1h 22m

    Source: Ripped from game

    © Nintendo


    1. Welcome to Mario World
    2. Super Mario World
    3. Morning of Yoshi's Island
    4. Mario! Stay Alert!
    5. Thank You, Mario!
    6. Super Mario Bros.
    7. Shining Coral
    8. Go! Go! Raccoon Mario
    9. Mario Club Band
    10. Peaceful Mushroom World
    11. Good Night
    1. Ground Theme (SMB)
    2. Underground Theme (SMB)
    3. Swimming Theme (SMB)
    4. Castle Theme (SMB)
    5. Super Star (SMB)
    6. Course Clear Fanfare (SMB)
    7. World Clear Fanfare (SMB)
    8. Speed Up Warning Sound (SMB)
    9. Player Down (SMB)
    10. Game Over (SMB)
    11. Ending (SMB)
    12. Name Entry (VS. Super Mario Bros.)
    13. Ending (The Lost Levels)
    14. World 1 Map (SMB3)
    15. World 2 Map (SMB3)
    16. World 3 Map (SMB3)
    17. World 4 Map (SMB3)
    18. World 5 Map (SMB3)
    19. World 5 Map (Sky) [SMB3]
    20. World 6 Map (SMB3)
    21. World 7 Map (SMB3)
    22. World 8 Map (SMB3)
    23. Whistle Sound / Warp Map (SMB3)
    24. Ground Theme (SMB3)
    25. Athletic Theme (SMB3)
    26. Underground Theme (SMB3)
    27. Swimming Theme (SMB3)
    28. Fortress Theme (SMB3)
    29. King's Chamber Appearance (SMB3)
    30. Airship Theme (SMB3)
    31. Super Star (SMB3)
    1. Enemy Battle (SMB3)
    2. Fortress Boss (SMB3)
    3. The Evil King Bowser (SMB3)
    4. Toad House (SMB3)
    5. Slot Screen (SMB3)
    6. Music Box (SMB3)
    7. Course Clear Fanfare (SMB3)
    8. Fireworks Fanfare (SMB3)
    9. World Clear Fanfare (SMB3)
    10. Player Down (SMB3)
    11. Game Over (SMB3)
    12. Ending (SMB3)
    13. Title (SMW)
    14. Map 1 (Yoshi's Island) [SMW]
    15. Map 2 (Donut Plains) [SMW]
    16. Map 3 (Vanilla Dome) [SMW]
    17. Map 4 (Star Road) [SMW]
    18. Map 5 (Forest of Illusion) [SMW]
    19. Bowser's Castle Emerges [SMW]
    20. Map 6 (Valley of Bowser) [SMW]
    21. Map 7 (Special World) [SMW]
    22. Overworld Theme (SMW)
    23. Athletic Theme (SMW)
    24. Underground Theme (SMW)
    25. Swimming Theme (SMW)
    26. Haunted House (SMW)
    27. Sub Castle (SMW)
    28. P Switch (SMW)
    29. Super Star (SMW)
    30. Bonus Screen (SMW)
    31. Bonus Screen Clear Fanfare (SMW)
    32. Koopaling Battle (SMW)
    33. Koopaling Castle Clear 1 (SMW)
    34. Koopaling Castle Clear 2 (SMW)
    35. Course Clear Fanfare (SMW)
    36. Sub Castle Clear Fanfare (SMW)
    37. Player Down (SMW)
    38. Game Over (SMW)
    39. The Evil King Bowser (SMW)
    40. Princess Peach is Rescued (SMW)
    41. Ending (SMW)

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