Super Mario Galaxy 2 Original Soundtrack cover

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Original Soundtrack

An album of epic proportions

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223 MB · MP3 (zipped), ~240 kbps (VBR) with 19.5 kHz freq. cutoff, 44.1 kHz

This OST is perfect for when you're traversing worlds with Yoshi by your side... or just relaxing!

It was originally a Japan-exclusive Club Nintendo reward but we've got it available as a free download for you to enjoy.

Performer: Mario Galaxy Orchestra

Koji Kondo
Mahito Yokota
Ryo Nagamatsu

Release date:
23 May 2010 (game)
10 July 2010 (OST)

Length: 2h 12m

Source: CD release

© Nintendo


  1. Overture
  2. Another Story
  3. The Lost Luma
  4. The Power of the Stars
  5. Sky Station Galaxy
  6. Peewee Piranha
  7. Unknown Star
  8. The Starship Appears
  9. Starship Mario, Launch!
  10. Yoshi Appears
  11. Yoshi Star Galaxy
  12. Starship Mario 1
  13. World 1 & 2
  14. The Starship Sails
  15. Spin-Dig Galaxy
  16. Digga-Leg
  17. Flip-Swap Galaxy
  18. Puzzle Plank Galaxy
  19. Tip Network
  20. Ow-ow-ow-ow!
  21. Wild Glide Galaxy
  22. You Got a Star!
  23. Cosmic Cove
  24. Hightail Falls Galaxy
  25. World 3
  26. Tall Trunk Galaxy
  27. Slider
  28. Freezy Flake Galaxy
  29. Pipe Room
  30. Star Ball Rolling
  31. Cloudy Court Galaxy
  32. Megahammer
  33. Starship Mario 2
  34. World 4
  35. Honeybloom Galaxy
  36. Flipsville Galaxy
  37. Glamdozer
  38. Beat Block Galaxy
  1. Starshine Beach Galaxy
  2. Teleporter
  3. Starshine Beach Galaxy (Underwater)
  4. Bowser's Lava Lair
  5. You Got a Grand Star!
  6. World 5
  7. Space Storm Galaxy
  8. Rightside Down Galaxy
  9. Haunty Halls Galaxy
  10. Slipsand Galaxy
  11. Squizzard
  12. Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla
  13. Starship Mario 3
  14. World 6
  15. Melty Monster Galaxy
  16. Throwback Galaxy
  17. Sweet Mystery Galaxy
  18. Fleet Glide Galaxy
  19. Gobblegut
  20. Slimy Spring Galaxy
  21. Boss Blitz Galaxy
  22. Speed Run
  23. World S
  24. Tension
  25. Bowser's Galaxy Generator
  26. Bowser Battle
  27. Fated Battle
  28. Precious One
  29. Staff Credits
  30. The Luma and the Hat
  31. Green Star
  32. Super Mario Galaxy 2 Theme

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