Super Mario Galaxy Original Soundtrack (Platinum Version) cover

Super Mario Galaxy Original Soundtrack (Platinum Version)

Immerse yourself in the first Mario game music to be recorded by a live orchestra!

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184 MB · MP3 (zipped), ~190 kbps (VBR), 44.1 kHz

Originally released on CD as a Club Nintendo reward.

Performer: Mario Galaxy Orchestra

Koji Kondo
Mahito Yokota

Release date:
19 July 2007 (game)
31 Jan 2008 (OST)

Length: 2h 10m

Source: CD release

© Nintendo


  1. Overture
  2. The Star Festival
  3. Attack of the Airships
  4. Catastrophe
  5. Peach's Castle Stolen
  6. Enter the Galaxy
  7. Egg Planet
  8. Rosalina in the Observatory 1
  9. The Honeyhive
  10. Space Junk Road
  11. Battlerock Galaxy
  12. Beach Bowl Galaxy
  13. Rosalina in the Observatory 2
  14. Enter Bowser Jr.!
  15. Waltz of the Boos
  16. Buoy Base Galaxy
  17. Gusty Garden Galaxy
  18. Rosalina in the Observatory 3
  19. King Bowser
  20. Melty Molten Galaxy
  21. The Galaxy Reactor
  22. Final Battle with Bowser
  23. Daybreak (A New Dawn)
  24. Birth
  25. Super Mario Galaxy
  26. Purple Comet
  27. Blue Sky Athletic
  28. Super Mario 2007
  1. File Select
  2. Luma
  3. Gateway Galaxy
  4. Stolen Grand Star
  5. To the Observatory Grounds 1
  6. Observation Dome
  7. Course Select
  8. Dino Piranha
  9. A Chance to Grab a Star!
  10. A Tense Moment
  11. Big Bad Bugaboom
  12. King Kaliente
  13. The Toad Brigade
  1. Airship Armada
  2. Aquatic Race
  3. Space Fantasy
  4. Megaleg
  5. To the Observatory Grounds 2
  6. Space Athletic
  7. Speedy Comet
  8. Beach Bowl Galaxy (Undersea)
  9. Interlude
  10. Bowser's Stronghold Appears
  11. The Fiery Stronghold
  12. The Big Staircase
  13. Bowser Appears
  14. Star Ball
  15. The Library
  16. Buoy Base Galaxy (Undersea)
  17. Rainbow Mario
  18. Chase the Bunnies!
  19. Help!
  20. Major Burrows
  21. Pipe Interior
  22. Cosmic Comet
  23. Drip Drop Galaxy
  24. Kingfin
  25. Boo Race
  26. Ice Mountain
  27. Ice Mario
  28. Lava Path
  29. Fire Mario
  30. Dusty Dune Galaxy
  31. Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser
  32. A-wa-wa-wa!
  33. Deep Dark Galaxy
  34. Kamella
  35. Star Ball 2
  36. Sad Girl
  37. Flying Mario
  38. Star Child
  39. A Wish
  40. Family

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