Super Mario 3D World Original Soundtrack cover

Super Mario 3D World Original Soundtrack

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306 MB · MP3 (zipped), 320 kbps (CBR), 44.1 kHz

Performer: Mario 3D World Big Band

Koji Kondo
Mahito Yokota
Toru Minegishi
Yasuaki Iwata

Release date:
21 Nov 2013 (game)
Jan 2014 (OST)

Length: 1h 57m

Source: CD release

© Nintendo


  1. Title Screen
  2. World 1
  3. Super Bell Hill
  4. Underground Theme
  5. Switch Scramble Circus
  6. Course Clear!
  7. World 2
  8. Mystery House Enrance
  9. Going All Out in the Mystery House
  10. Shifty Boo Mansion
  11. Captain Toad Goes Forth
  12. Blockade
  13. World 3
  14. Chainlink Charge
  15. Light the Colour Panels!
  16. Mario's Colour Panels
  17. The Showdown Looms
  18. Hisstocrat
  19. World Clear!
  20. World 4
  21. Sprawling Savanna
  22. Beep Block Skyway
  23. Fuzzy Flood Mine
  24. Sprixie Princess Theme
  25. Fort Fire Bros.
  26. Bowser's Highway Showdown
  27. World 5
  28. Double Cherry Pass
  29. Super Star Sharing
  30. Footlight Lane
  31. The Bullet Bill Express
  32. The Great Tower
  33. Meowser
  34. The Great Tower Showdown 1
  35. The Great Tower Showdown 2
  36. Final Curtain for Meowser
  37. Grand Finale
  38. The Credits Roll
  1. Getting Ready
  2. Sprixie Kingdom
  3. Conkdor Canyon
  4. Mount Must Dash
  5. On to the Next World
  6. World 6
  7. Snowball Park
  8. Toad House
  9. Hands-On Hall
  10. Captain Toad Plays Peek-a-Boo
  11. Captain Toad's Complete Collection
  12. Sunshine Seaside
  13. A Boss Approaches
  14. World 7
  15. Bowser's Bullet Bill Brigade
  16. Pom Pom's theme
  17. Piranha Creeper Creek
  18. Mega Mario
  19. Slot Machine
  20. Simmering Lava Lake
  21. On Bowser's Tail
  22. World 8
  23. Bowser's Lava Lake Keep
  24. Bowser's Minions
  25. Plessie
  26. Plessie's Plunging Falls
  27. A Misstep
  28. Motley Bossblob
  29. Victory Parade
  30. Course Clear! (Short Version)
  31. Up to the Sky
  32. World Star
  33. Rainbow Run
  34. Link's Colour Panels
  35. Super Block Land
  36. World Mushroom, World Flower
  37. Captain Toad's Fiery Finale
  38. Champion Road
  39. Super Mario 3D World Theme

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