New Super Mario Bros. U soundtrack cover

New Super Mario Bros. U soundtrack

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102 MB · MP3 (zipped), 128 kbps (displays as ~240 kbps VBR due to re-encoding), 44.1 kHz

Composers: Shiho Fujii & Mahito Yokota

Release date: 18 Nov 2012 (game)

Length: 55m

Source: Ripped from game

© Nintendo


  1. Title
  2. Main Menu
  3. Acorn Plains
  4. Ground Theme
  5. Underground Theme
  6. Tower Theme
  7. Tower Boss Battle
  8. Athletic Theme
  9. Underwater Theme
  10. Bonus Area
  11. Super Star
  12. Castle Theme
  13. Castle Boss Battle
  14. Layer-Cake Desert
  15. Desert Theme
  16. Enemy Battle
  17. Sparkling Waters
  18. Beach Theme
  1. Ghost House Theme
  2. Frosted Glacier
  3. Snow Theme
  4. Airship Theme
  5. Soda Jungle
  6. Jungle Theme
  7. Soda Jungle (Deep Jungle)
  8. Rock-Candy Mines
  9. Meringue Clouds
  10. Peach's Castle Grounds
  11. Lava Ground Theme
  12. Lava Underground Theme
  13. Peach's Castle
  14. The Final Battle (Phase 1)
  15. The Final Battle (Phase 2)
  16. Superstar Road
  17. Staff Credits

How to open files after downloading

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Finding zip file
1. Find zip file
Head to your Downloads folder and look for the zip file.
Extracting zip file
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Right-click the file and choose 'Extract All', then 'Extract'.
Viewing mp3 files
3. Listen!
The song files will appear in a folder. You can delete the original zip file now.
Android instructions:
WinZip icon
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WinZip menu
2. Find zip file
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Extracting in WinZip
3. Extract zip file
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Choosing save location in WinZip
4. Choose save location
Go back to 'Downloads', then tap 'Unzip Here' to save the song files.
Viewing album in music player
5. Listen!
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