Mario Kart 7 soundtrack cover

Mario Kart 7 soundtrack

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235 MB · MP3 (zipped), 320 kbps (CBR), 44.1 kHz

Composers: Kenta Nagata & Satomi Terui

Release date: 1 Dec 2011 (game)

Length: 1h 40m

Source: Ripped from game

© Nintendo


  1. Toad Circuit / Mario Circuit
  2. Daisy Hills
  3. Cheep Cheep Cape
  4. Shy Guy Bazaar
  5. Wuhu Island & Mountain
  6. Melody Motorway
  7. Alpine Pass
  8. Piranha Plant Pipeway
  9. Piranha Plant Pipeway (Underwater)
  10. Wario's Galleon
  11. Koopa City
  12. DK Jungle
  13. Rosalina's Ice World
  14. Bowser's Castle
  15. Rainbow Road
  16. Rainbow Road (Moon)
  17. N64 Luigi Raceway
  18. GBA Bowser Castle 1
  19. Wii Mushroom Gorge
  20. DS Luigi's Mansion
  21. N64 Koopa Troopa Beach
  22. SNES Mario Circuit 2
  1. Wii Coconut Mall
  2. DS Waluigi Pinball
  3. N64 Kalimari Desert
  4. DS DK Pass
  5. GCN Daisy Cruiser
  6. Wii Maple Treeway
  7. Wii Koopa Cape
  8. GCN Dino Dino Jungle
  9. DS Airship Fortress
  10. SNES Rainbow Road
  11. Honeybee House
  12. Sherbet Rink
  13. Wuhu Town
  14. GBA Battle Course 1
  15. N64 Big Donut
  16. DS Palm Shore
  17. Mario Kart 7
  18. Selection Screen
  19. Selection Screen (Online)
  20. Spectating
  21. Mario Kart Channel
  22. Staff Credits

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