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Music in video games is more important than you think

posted 22 Jul 2014, 16:05 by Dustin Cash   [ updated 23 Jul 2014, 04:57 by Subik Khawaja ]

How often do you pay attention to the background music in a game you're playing? Probably not very often, if at all. You probably drown it out in favor for your own music or a conversation with a friend or two. Some games on the market today have even done away with practically all music in their games to save resources for other things. However, plenty of games today still have a great score nuzzled into the beautiful scenes before you. In fact, I believe the music plays a major part in the general mood of the area and event. You may not think of it while it's happening, but a boss fight can be much more intense thanks to the background track. Even a creepy alleyway can be made that much more terrifying if given the right ambient track to go with it. Just think of how less epic your final showdown with Bowser would be if there was no music playing. Rather bland right? Truly, music in video games is a very important thing, and I'm sure it won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Games even offer a wide variety of music, from ambient to techno, metal to pop, and even chiptunes or fully orchestrated tunes.

Some people even listen to a game's soundtrack outside of the game themselves. Some go as far as to remix their favorite tracks, either by just enhancing the original material or by almost completely changing how the whole song sounds. It's pretty easy to find remixes as well. A great place to start would be YouTube; a lot of great unknown remixes can be found there. Sites like OverClocked ReMix and Bandcamp are also worth a look. If there's a video game tune you like recently, chances are somebody made a remix of it.

My personal favorite track from a Yoshi game is the Flower Garden theme from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (on SNES, GBA, or Wii U eShop). It gives me a feeling of nostalgia and has such a feel good vibe to it. If you grew up playing this game like myself, this song probably takes you back to when you were a kid staying up late to try and get a perfect score on that one level you just couldn't ever seem to find the last red coin too.

All in all video game music is growing more and more popular as an actual music genre, and as a community. Before you know it, it just might become a section of your favorite music store.