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'Uh, who's Yoshi?'

Yoshi is a green dinosaur who stars in various Nintendo games, and is a good buddy of Mario. He has courage, a warm heart, and a massive appetite. He can use his long tongue to eat anything - fruit and cookies are some of his favourite delicacies. His homeland of Yoshi's Island is populated with even more Yoshis, all in loads of different colours!

Super Mario World title screen
Yoshi first appeared in the game Super Mario World, released in 1990. We've come a long way since then!
Image: Super Mario World title screen
A group of Yoshis
Yoshi's Island is filled with Yoshis of all colours. They coexist in peace and happiness, standing together when things get rough.
Image: Yoshi's New Island promo art
Yoshi racing on a bike
When Yoshi isn't out on an adventure, he likes to relax, train up in Smash Bros. battles, and go kart racing.
Image: Mario Kart 8 gameplay screenshot